San Francisco in Color

December 22, 2020

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In what now seems like a distant memory, on a warm October Friday, Lindsay, Shelby, and I took a colorful jaunt through San Francisco as we clicked, swished, and twirled our way through the Mission District, took a pit stop at Tartine, and picnicked as the sun set at Sutro Baths. Here are my favorite frames from the day — and merci to my new photo friend Sarah for the colorful San Francisco tips! Slowly, this city continues to grow on me. I am nervous for the day I might actually call it “home.”

A row of colorful houses in shades or pastel pink, yellow, and blue line the street at sunset in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Left: A girl stands in a cascade of bougainvillea, looking up and laughing at the flowers. Right: A blur of a girl in a yellow dress dances across the sidewalk in front of a blue wall. The girl's movements are blurry to convey movement through the photo.

A girl playfully kicks up one leg in front a blue wall, the obmbré red of her skirt and the deep red of her high heels add a playful element.

Left: A girl wearing a large sunhat and orange romper holds a Hasselblad film camera while standing in front of a blue wall. Right: A trio of yellow trumpet flowers droop lazily in front of a pink wall.

A girl wearing a white shirt and ombré red skirt with red heels twists and turns in front of a blue wall. You can see the movement of her skirt as she dances.

Left: A cascade of bougainvillea is caught in a ray of sunlight. Right: A girl wearing a multi-colored flowing dress sashays across the street, swishing her skirt.

Left: A girl in a yellow dress gently rests her left hand on her chest so that the viewer can see her blue ring, which matches the blue wall behind her. Right: An abundance of purple flowers overflows from the vines over a garage in San Francisco.

Left: A girl wearing a mustard-yellow sundress, her face hidden by a cluster of bougainvillea, smiles as she holds another vine. Right: Cypress trees rise towards the sky during a sunset at Sutro Baths in San Francisco.

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