The Bromma Family

December 15, 2020

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I loved photographing the Broma family! Bright pink tutus, BOUQUETS OF FLOWERS, neutrals, and floral headbands…this family knew the way to my heart! A & C were excellent in front of the camera — generally giggly and playful. They obliged Mom with their adorable outfits…and then ran for the first tree to climb as soon as I said, “you’re done!” And ended up spending a few hours at the park, hunting for sticks afterward. I loved their sense of adventure, and their little bouquets featured my favorite color combo of the moment, yellow and pink. I was ALL about it.

Left: A family of four smiles at the camera. The two little girls wear bight pink tutus and each hold a small bouquet of yellow and pink flowers. Right: Two sisters smile at the camera. They are wearing floral headbands, white sweaters, and fluffy tutus. They hold bouncy bouquets of yellow and pink flowers. Their parents stand behind them.

Two sisters giggle as the younger one is tickled by her mom.

Left: Two sisters wearing pink tutus smile at the camera while holding small bouquets of flowers. Right: A mother holds her young daughter, who is playfully sticking out her tongue.

A mother kneels on the ground, balancing her younger daughter on one knee while the older one stands next to her. The girls hold pink and yellow bouquets of flowers and wear fluffy pink tutus.

Left: A daughter gives her father a kiss on the cheek. Right: A little girl looks at the camera while holding a bouquet of flowers. She has a purple flower headband in her hair.

Two sisters wearing flower headbands hug each other. They are wearing pink tutus and holding bouncy bouquets. Right: A young girl smiles for the camera. She is wearing a white flower headband and holding a small bunch of flowers that compliment her pink tutu.

I am a San Francisco Bay Area film photographer specialising in senior girls, families, love stories, and (personal) brands. Want to work together? Get in touch! I’d love to know your story.

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