The Newman Family

December 1, 2020

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I had the pleasure of photographing the Newman family this year, and it was a true delight to spend a bit of the morning with these incredibly sweet girls! They brought great attitudes, cute dresses, and ready smiles. I even managed to snap a few quiet moments amidst some tears over a boo-boo, and some of those frames actually turned out to be my favorites!

A family of four sits on a bench in a park. The parents each hold one daughter, both of whom are laughing at the camera.

Left: A family of four stands on a pathway in a park. The father is holding a little girl who is pointing at the camera and laughing. Both parents hold the older daughter's hands as the mother smiles at her. Right: A mother bends down to hug her small daughter as her older daughter cuddles up behind her.

Two young sisters smile at the camera. The taller girl hugs her younger sister around the neck with one arm.

Left. A quiet moment as a toddler is held in her mother's arms after scraping her knee. Right: Two young sisters hold hands and dance in a park.

Left: A father kneels on the ground, hugging one daughter and holding the younger one on his knee as everyone smiles at the camera. Right: A young girl dances in a park as her dress and hair flow in the wind.

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