Portraits at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

September 1, 2020

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It was full sun and dry heat as we pulled away from the house, headed towards the Bay Bridge. The cloudless sky promised a golden hour glow, and my lap was filled with burgundy dahlias sloshing in their vase. The back seat was piled with dresses and hats as we bumped our way towards the city.

As we crossed the bridge, we spotted Karl the Fog, hanging low over Twin Peaks and cloaking the Salesforce Tower. We laughed. What were we expecting? Luckily, Lindsay  was prepared with a very chic coat. I had already donned my down jacket and some paper-bag (the style, not literally) pants in anticipation of a freezing afternoon.

Hopping out of the car, a gust of wind tousled our hair as we changed (her), dumped the dahlia water (me), set up equipment (also me), and chose the accessories (her). Following the winding path, we took a guess as to the direction of the Conservatory and were met, at the bottom of the stairs, with a riot of color, as Paula Sutton would have put it. Cameras dangling from their straps, juggling film and a basket of flowers in our hands, we skipped, pranced, danced, and twirled our way through this floral haven.

This was my first portraiture outing since arriving in California and I’m super glad Lindsay suggested it! It was a lovely afternoon celebrating life and looking for beauty. Joyeux (late) anniversaire, my friend. Thanks for admiring the details with me, and seeing the joy in the every day.

[Square pictures by my Hasselblad, Ansel.]

I am a San Francisco Bay Area film photographer specialising in senior girls, families, love stories, and (personal) brands. Want to work together? Get in touch! I’d love to know your story.

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