Lilla at the Louvre

February 11, 2020

Filed in: Portraiture

Lilla and I are old friends. We used to sit on her bedroom floor, dreaming big dreams, during the endless hot summer days. One we always shared was an escape to Paris. We called it the Paris Apartment.

Beyond the fact that we’d have an apartment, I’m not sure we organised many other details. Paris seemed far away, and just a promise. Four years later, here we are together doing what we’ve been doing together from the beginning: Creating!

At 16, I purchased my first camera on a combination of gift cards and coupons from Target, and spent the rest of my time in high school chasing around friends to photograph. Lilla was always ready for anything, and because of her enthusiasm, patience, and expertise (I didn’t learn how to pose until a good bit later), she enabled me to practice, practice, practice, and begin to discover what I now say is an obsession.

It was a wonderful (cold) afternoon with gorgeous light — but you know, Paris is always like that, especially with all the gravel, a marvellous natural reflector. My favorite frames are definitely the pop of red, but any dress that swishes has my name written all over it. Twirling in Paris? I’ll be there. It was good to see you, Lilla! xxx

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