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January 21, 2020

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Coucou mes amis! Bonne année!

There are some changes I will make this year to my blog. I want you to have the scoop!

First, I will still be sharing client work. That’s one of the reasons this blog exists. I love sharing the stories of those who are in front of my camera!

Secondly, I will still be sharing my Paris and my…whatever city I end up living in. BUT, I’m going to stop writing everything as a guide. Honestly, I want sharing about my adventures to spark JOY, and worrying about my SEO and repeating the key words one billion times throughout with proper headers does not spark JOY to me. I’ll save that for work.

You can expect less text, more photos, and when there is text, for it to flow more like a journal or story. More description. Less “best views of the Eiffel Tower/[insert something here].” Of course, I will always make a note of where I’ve been, so that you can check it out, too. But I hope that the photographs speak volumes in inspiring you to make the trip.

Finally, I have a goal of beginning to cook more later this year (mid-summer). I am presently unable to cook as much as I’d like to, but will soon have that opportunity again. When it feels right, I’ll be photographing the processes and results, and perhaps a little story behind the dish. I’m not trying to be a food blogger or recipe developer by any means. I don’t have the passion and patience for that. However, I have a deep love for the process of cooking and want to share that with you.

Cheers for 2020!

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