The Croissant Chronicles No. 7: Aux Péchés Normands

May 30, 2019

So, I’m still on the hunt for the best croissant in Paris. Although my friend said that finding the best croissant quickly would be no fun…I also have to admit that finding yourself in the land of bread but also in a croissant desert is not exactly the ideal situation, either.

A few weeks ago, I thought I was on the hot tail of the best croissant. How do I know? Because David Lebovitz said this place takes the cake at the moment. Or, if we’re talking about croissants, that this place takes the flake (and feather). However, after trekking all the way to the 20th arrondissement, my friend and I arrived to the little shop only to learn (as the information on the website was scant) that croissants are only sold on le week-end.

They kindly pointed us in the direction of a neighbouring establishment, Aux Péchés Normands, right off of Place de la République. It’s quite a large bakery, and doubles as a traiteur where you can find simple dishes…perfect for popping in at lunch!

And now for the start: the croissant. I have to say, not bad. Light and feathery…check! When you bite it, there’s definitely a delicate crackle…albeit too delicate…the shards that fall are not generous, hearty, buttery flakes, but rather little wisps lost to the wind. It’s good, and if you’re in the neighbourhood looking for a snack, why not! But, I’m looking for a croissant with a little more textural contrast between the interior and exterior.

Happy snacking, friends, and until next time!

Aux Péchés Normands

9 Rue du Faubourg du Temple 75010

6h-20h Mon-Fri

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