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Salut! Welcome to my Field Notes, with stories from San Francisco, Paris, and elsewhere. This is a collection of adventures: the people I photograph; the kitchen escapes; tidbits from my life; special projects; and a California/Paris guide. Whew! I hope you'll come along; it's going to be a lovely time!

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There was full-on sun on le Pont des Arts that Saturday morning. After an impromptu stroll, we found ourselves at the door of a tiny Eric Kayser boutique. Some people turn their noses up at chain bakeries — after all, Paris has plenty of “artisan” stand-alone establishments churning out (supposedly) amazing confections and pastries. But, […]

It was a dark and stormy night…actually no, but it was the daytime equivalent. It was a sad, overcast day. There have been an innumerable amount of overcast, sad days. The sun barely shines through the thick layer of cloud. Too bad the clouds are not marshmallows, because that would be more pleasant. This morning […]

We popped out of the metro, greeted by the rather unimpressive Moulin Rouge. It’s better in the movies, I think. It sat, in full Parisian sun, looking like a tourist trap. We veered off the the right, and began to climb Rue Lepic. Montmartre sits on a hill, and is filled with market streets and […]

I scurried along the tiny, narrow streets of the 5ème as it drizzled. Spots covered my glasses, and my hair was damp as I nearly ran along, eyes down, frustrated because it wasn’t supposed to rain today. I hate rain. I hate snow. There is both in Paris, friends. Whizzing past a tea salon, right […]

When I think of Paris, it’s always sunshine, the sparkling Seine, a flowy dress, and a nice hat. What never seems to come to mind is layers on layers (today I wore four); frozen noses; frozen toes; and that cloudy Parisien grey. Which is how I found myself that morning. The pick me up: the […]

Ah, zut! I thought as I climbed the metro steps. Fat flakes of snow (the wet kind, not the fluffy stuff), twirled about, and my hands were determined not to move much in the cold. Guess I didn’t need to leave Boston. While Paris made the snow just magical enough to be bearable, it was […]

Now that you know where to eat in Paris, want a guide to an intimate portrait of the city? Download my FREE travel guide, Paris in Your Pocket. No tourist traps, just all the place you might miss if you didn’t have a local with you! Welcome to the #CroissantChronicles! I’ve made it my mission […]

Paris & California strolls; plenty of flowers; stories; and looking for the beauty in the everyday. I hope you'll come along as I take the year to document the entirety of my home state!