Croissant Chronicles No. 3: Circus Bakery

April 25, 2019

I scurried along the tiny, narrow streets of the 5ème as it drizzled. Spots covered my glasses, and my hair was damp as I nearly ran along, eyes down, frustrated because it wasn’t supposed to rain today. I hate rain. I hate snow. There is both in Paris, friends.

Whizzing past a tea salon, right behind Shakespeare and Company, I came to a halt in front a charming wooden storefront. For those who aren’t looking, it’s easy to miss. Not even a sign on the window to say what it is. But the hungry (and the in-the-loop foodie) will stop to appreciate the gentle smell of cinnamon that wafts from the front door. Welcome to Circus Bakery.

They do not sell croissants here, but bread is definitely on the menu. It’s short and sweet, with no more than approximately seven different items available, plus coffee. The space is small and warm, and I would go so far to say it’s inviting. What you’re really here for is the cinnamon bun.

My fellow Americans (and I as well) envisioned a fat, fluffy roll, filled with buttery, cinnamon-sugary goodness, and slathered, completely slathered, with a frosting of some sort. (I vote a nice, thick cream cheese icing, please!) That is not the case. Like everything else I am discovering in Paris, this was a rather…delicate cinnamon bun. Deep golden and incredibly glossy thanks to an egg-yolk wash, and fresh from the oven — on a eu de la chance! Slightly buttery; quite fluffy; soft like a pillow; swirled like a babka. Beautiful.

The inside is lightly coated with cinnamon…no sugar! Or if there is…it’s minimal. It’s definitely not the oozing, American cinnamon roll, which I have to say…I do prefer. Good thing I’m not French! Supposedly, this is a sourdough cinnamon bun, but the signature zing and tang was not there.

At 6€, this is not something I like enough to eat often (like, once a week). But, the buns are rather large, and my friend and I split one amicably. It’s a fun place to take a visiting amie, but not a place to stop in regularly, in my opinion.

Happy eating, friends!

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