Leaf and Petal

October 16, 2021

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I rolled into the Leaf and Petal parking lot—and by rolled, I mean I frantically turned the wheel and pressed in the clutch and prayed I wouldn’t hit the cars next to me—turned off Fitz (my car), and got out, only to be met with the wet humidity I now find characteristic to Alabama.

display of fuchsia orchids Leaf and Petal Mountain Brook

It did not feel like fall. Not a drop. The air was still heavy, the kind that clings to you like a wet towel, and the temperatures were sky-high (for this Californian, at least). Despite what the weather said, the Leaf and Petal (Mountain Brook location) display said otherwise.

Succulents and potted plants at Leaf and Petal Mountain Brook

Pumpkins overflowed onto the sidewalk in all varieties; I was particularly attached to those with the moniker of Cinderella—they were so lovely, so creamy, it seemed slightly plausible that one might turn into a coach. We had driven by Leaf and Petal several times, as there is a location in English Village, a terribly charming enclave in Mountain Brook. Today, however, we took the trouble to get out of the car—and as we wandered through the rows and rows of plants, it was clear it was no trouble at all.

White orchids at Leaf and Petal Mountain Brook

Tiny topiaries stood tall like soldiers, succulents dangled lazily from their pots, and morning light streamed through the ceiling windows. And the orchids—oh, the orchids. Vibrant, luscious, velvety flowers that gave absolutely no warning they would die as soon as they entered my care. (For this reason, I abstained from purchasing one; no orchid has ever made it out of my house alive.) For someone who loves flowers, it was a little slice of what heaven must be like: overrun with greenery and life and color.

left: red succulent left: bronze tulip garden accessory at Leaf and Petal Mountain Brook

Aside from the various potted flowers and plants, there were planters galore and in fun designs—turtles, elephants, sturdy earthenware. This was my first little excursion in the quest for beauty in Birmingham…and I think it satisfied quite nicely.

elephant-shaped planters at Leaf and Petal Mountain Brook

To Visit Leaf and Petal

There are four locations throughout Birmingham.

  1. Leaf and Petal, Mountain Brook Village: 2817 Cahaba Road Mountain Brook, AL
  2. Leaf and Petal Deal Depot: 370 Summit Boulevard Birmingham, AL
  3. Leaf and Petal at the Summit: 4113 Crosshaven Drive Birmingham, AL
  4. Leaf and Petal at Botanical Gardens: 2612 Lane Park Road Birmingham, AL

left: fuchsia orchids right: tiny topiaries at Leaf and Petal Mountain Brook

wreaths and ceramic white planters at Leaf and Petal Mountain Brook

assorted clay and earthenware pots for plants at Leaf and Petal Mountain Brook

succulents in brown clay pots at Leaf and Petal Mountain Brook

Turtle planters holder small succulents at Leaf and Petal Mountain Brook

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