San Francisco East Bay Family Photography – Holiday Mini Portrait Sessions

October 13, 2020

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Guess what? It’s almost holiday season. While the California weather forecast does not presently show any signs of cooling down (we’re forecasted 90s this week in the San Francisco Bay Area), the mornings are feeling just a tad crisp! That means that if you’ve not yet thought about your holiday card photos…it’s time!

I’m hosting mini portrait sessions on November 14th – currently 5 slots open, and you can snag yours here. 20 minutes, 5 images on 35mm film & digital for you to print, download, and generally share where you please.

I’m super pumped to share this very cute family’s photos. Lauren was chic & sweet, Joe was happy and crisp, and Decklan was a little STUD in his mini converse, suspenders, and BOW TIE. (Can bow ties and suspenders please be mandatory?) The three of them all together made for a joyful, laughing, cheerful bunch and I had so much fun. Thank you for coming out!

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