Portrait Session in the Sunset District, San Francisco

September 22, 2020

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The fog was thick as we rolled up into the Sunset District, showing no signs of abating. The fact that we were, however, still alive, was a triumph in itself. We could work around the fog. I was more relieved that we had survived the drive, because Bay Area drivers seem to be a different kind of crazy. If you know, you know.

We climbed out of the car, and a sharp wind met us — it felt like winter on a late summer’s day. Cameras ready, we began our saunter through the Sunset, looking for some killer color theory. Haley was a champ, rocking some leggings under her sunshine-yellow flowing floral dress, complete with puffy sleeves and a slit to kill.

While space was tight (I was expected a lot more wall, kind of like the Mission), the color was abundant and fun, and I’m pleased with how these turned out. We even found a house that reminded me of Provence — in a climate that felt pretty much the exact opposite.

We wrapped with a quick run to Ocean Beach, which was even colder, but the wind made sure we got some great movement on film! Moody San Francisco is growing on me (probably because I can’t control the weather and have decided to embrace it). Proof that even cloudy skies can’t put a damper on bright and colourful photos. It’s just about knowing where to look.

(And, Haley might just be one of my favourite people ever. Every time I apologised for the fact that she was freezing, she said, “anything for the art!” That’s something I can get behind.)

I am a San Francisco Bay Area film photographer specialising in senior girls, families, love stories, and (personal) brands. Want to work together? Get in touch! I’d love to know your story.

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