What to Wear for Your Portrait Session

July 21, 2020

I am a film photographer whose artistic focus is the female portrait. But, I also love my couples and my families! As an artist, these are the things that give me heart eyes, star eyes, and everything eyes. Hopefully this helps you figure out what to wear for your session! You can also peep my Pinterest board that I made especially for this occasion.

Whether we’re outside chasing the sun, or in a studio, these are the things I love to photograph (besides you)! It’s also a case-by-case basis. We will definitely consult before your session!

Color Theory

I’m a bit of a nerd for this. Colour theory is just the science, if you will, of how colours go together to convey a certain mood. Canva has a great chart and simulator on this, that I recommend you play around with, just for fun.

Color can convey a lot about your personality and who you are, so choose wisely! Are you a sleek, chic, black-and-white palette? Or maybe your are exuberant for the pastels. Elegant like a dusty rose or navy. Calm with neutrals.

I have a passion for color. It doesn’t have to be all-encompassing – my favorite is that strategic POP that makes the image visually interesting.

Movement & Flow

My heart is totally on fire for the flowy-est, fluffiest skirts. Anything shorter than knee-length isn’t really my jam.

I love a tucked-in skirt with a structured shirt. Or flowy all the way around. Drapey or bouncy shirts work well, too.

Don’t be afraid of patterns, either. Worn with thought, they can add a fun punch of colour to the scene and tell the viewer something about you! I am also a bit obsessed (I am obsessed about many things, if you can’t tell) with the faceless portrait. So all these things will help say who you are without needing to see what you look like!


Depends on the location. Barefoot, ballet flats, kitten heels. Something sweet, and possibly with character. It really depends on the main clothing choice, and the accessories. If overzealous, it’ll look like you’re swimming in a giant sprinkle cupcake, and creates chaos for the eye. We want to lead the eye with thought and intention.


Other things that can be fun for me to photograph, and that can express your personality:

  • Hats! I love a good, floppy, big straw hat.
  • Hair accessories. Pins, barettes, bows…
  • Jewellery! Especially as it can be so personal. My personal philosophy is less is more; simple is better; wear something that is important to you.


In a non-cheesy, high-school-senior-photos kind of way, I love props. Specifically those that have meaning to you. This section refers more to sessions in which I am photographing you in your environment — for example, your home, your studio, etc. rather than at a chosen location for the scenery.

Something I enjoy is photographing people doing something they love…cooking, painting, taking a walk in their favorite field, making bouquets….Props help tell the viewer who you are, and gives your hands something to do, solving the perpetual problem of “WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS?!?!?!?”


Again with the philosophy less is more, I prefer a natural/minimal look. BUT, the flip philosophy is do what makes you comfortable and feel good.

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