Spring in Paris

July 9, 2020

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At this point, I will not judge you if you think I’m crazy and that I permanently live in a spring state of mind. Currently, I am meandering, skipping, squealing, and photographing (some of us are skinny-dipping) my way through Provence with my artist troupe — a last hurrah before two of us head back to the Golden State.

Believe me, I’m loving summer. Sunsets that last well into the night; warm evenings and fresh mornings. But, I’m a little behind in my scans and never got around to sharing MAGNOLIAS ON FLIM. It’s as delicious as it sounds.

The day I went out I put on my favorite blue chevron dress; some tights; and my kate spade x keds polk-a-dot tennis shoes. I was ready for some flowery goodness. Magnolias here, there, everywhere: Hôtel de Ville and the Jardin du Luxembourg.

It was a little windy, but what was quite menacing were the clouds. In Paris, it often looks like it could rain any second. In all my years of living (23), the most dramatic thing I’ve ever seen is a Parisian sky. The potential temper-tantrums are mind-boggling.

As I scurried through the Jardin du Luxembourg, I felt the warning plink-plonk on my glasses and freshly-washed hair. I think that was the most tragic part. Not long after, a torrent of rain followed as I hurried to photograph the trees I had been waiting all year to see again. Water ran down my face as I snapped, furious and furiously. If you had handed me soap in that moment, I would have washed my hair again.

The most frustrating thing (and I nearly did scream) was that it was raining on my head, but I could see blue sky. I guess life’s like that sometimes — literally and figuratively. I hopped back on the métro at Tuileries for a soggy ride home…and I guess these photos were worth the impromptu shower.

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