Paris Portrait Session: Emily & Josh at the Palais Royal

October 15, 2019

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I’m part of a little photographers’ community on Facebook, which has led to me meeting some super awesome, lovely “classmates,” and Emily is one of them. She and her sweet family (husband Josh and darling baby) came to Paris (she said it’s a “just because” trip, which is the best reason, honestly), and I’m so honoured that they chose to spend a morning with me at the Palais Royal! We met on a rather warm autumn morning and had the courtyard almost to ourselves. They were so…JOYFUL! That’s the only way to put it. Good humoured, kind eyes, and Emily always had the most dazzling smile and laugh at the ready.

These two are fellow Southerners (well, I say this because my parents grew up in the South, but I’m Californian at the core) are living out an adventure abroad, stationed in Europe working for the foreign service, which is so rad! I knew I would like them as soon as Emily told me one of her favorite novels is Pride and Prejudice, which I have read nine times.

Photographing them was…I’ll say it again, a JOY!! Laughter just flowed so naturally, and I could really see that they are best friends. Smiles, jokes, the affectionate and enthusiastic hug; everything was so easy and lighthearted. I love that they wanted natural, fun portraits, with a dash of flair, but also the “real life” stuff! That’s the best way to enjoy portraits — to have fun, not worry, and go with the flow. Spontaneity has produced some of my favorite moments!

Merci encore, Emily & Josh! You were a delight! Paris looks good on you!

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