Paris Portrait Session: Brittney in Montmartre

August 8, 2019

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After what seemed like endless weeks of rain, full sun hit Montmartre. It was the kind of day where shade was preferred, and the slightest incline of the street had you puffing. Abundant sunshine also means that it’s time to experiment, so Brittney and I found each other around the corner from La Maison Rose for a quick photo session. She had the flowy-est, twirliest skirt (I don’t know if those where even words), which made for a very fun afternoon!

Paris is always surprising me with the different types of gals I get to meet! Each one is living her story, and Brittney has an interesting one. If I have counted correctly, she has lived in five US states, and Paris is her first stop on what I assume will be a string of international adventures.

Something I love about Brittney is her fearless character, always ready for another exciting escapade. She looks for fun; brings friends along; and gets people together. Even though life’s got its bumps, she takes it in stride.

After strolling past La Maison Rose, we swooped down the hill to a mural of friendly flamingos. Montmartre has colourful surprises, and I love it! Brittney hammed it up with the birds before we walked towards the metro, but we doubled back after stumbling on a lovely little passageway. If you’re doing portraits with me, always be ready for a detour!

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