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July 4, 2019

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I’ll admit: sculpture is beyond me. I’m much more of a paintings gal (Renoir is my jam, but I have a soft spot for Impressionism in general). But, I’ve heard so much about Rodin Museum in Paris (and it’s so close to me in the 7th Arrondissement) that I had to pop over, if only to see what are reputed to be the beautiful gardens. The verdict? Musée Rodin might be one of the best small museums.

rodin museum paris, also known as the musée rodin

Tip: If you are less than 26 years old and a resident of the European Union, you have free admission to the national museums in France! I finally got to test this claim because the day I went, I had forgotten my wallet at home. And…it’s true! It works. I showed my passport (to prove date of birth) and my visa (proving that I live in France) and voilà!

The gardens have sculptures throughout, with some flowers (roses, and I was a bit sad as I thought there would be more flowers), and the actual hôtel chronicles Rodin’s works chronologically. There were a lot of sculptures of Balzac…and not all the most flattering. It’s a lovely place to go on a rainy day. I haven’t much else to say concerning it except…Dior hosted a fashion show here! So you know that it’s going to be wildly elegant. And, yes, you can see The Thinker (Le Penseur) here. And a stunning, unique view of Les Invalides, the military museum.

Visiting the Rodin Museum in Paris

Musée Rodin is located at 77 rue de Varenne, 75007. The street is residential and it hides as a house—but, it’s right off a main corner of les Invalides.

The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday 10h-18h30, with the last admission at 17h30. Admission is 12€, reduced is 9€, and free if < 26 and EU resident.

The Rodin Museum features a vast array of the artist’s work both indoors and in the gardens. My personal favorite is “The Burghers of Calais.” I learned about it in art class, so it was a particular pleasure to see it.

If you visit in the spring, the garden also overflows with beautiful roses, which makes it that much better. (Not that Rodin needed any help!)

the thinker, known as le penseur, in the gardens of the rodin museum paris

the rodin museum paris gardens and mansion

left: les invalides right: sculpture in the gardens of the rodin museum paris

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