Paris Portrait Session: Emmanuella at the Eiffel Tower

June 25, 2019

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Sunrises at the Eiffel Tower have to be one of my absolute favorite things — especially when these moments are shared with people you feel are kindred spirits! Emmanuella, my fellow Bay Area native, and an author and poet…this was a dream for me because I LOVE reading! As a kid, I was always in trouble with my mom for reading when I should have been doing my homework!

Emmanuella is another brave soul who withstood a chilly May morning for a brilliant, golden sunrise. My personal highlight: going to the spot where Audrey Hepburn stood in Paris When It Sizzles! Eeeep! Something about Emmy reminds me of Audrey — she said it was the eyebrows and the shape of the face…but I think it was the graceful air about her when we met! Graceful, but kind. And I was totally sold on my assessment when we wrapped the session with a hug! I, as an American, really miss hugs. The double kiss is nice and sophisticated, I guess. But hugs are warm and welcoming and inviting. I love people who give hugs!

The details game was strong (and I LOVEEEEEEE details!!!!!!) — pretty rings; an exquisite pair of earrings from Greece; perfectly penciled lips just the right shade of mauve-y pink. Elegant, playful, perfect for Paris in the springtime. Now if only it actually felt like spring!

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