Paris Portrait Session: Vilija in Montmartre

June 11, 2019

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Vilija (who’s from Lithuania — super rad — loves nature; came to learn French; and came bright and early in the most gorgeous soft-violet dress) was delightful on a foggy morning in Montmartre. We had originally planned a different location, but ultimately decided to switch things up. We paid a visit to what is perhaps the most-photographed house in the neighbourhood: La Maison Rose. Blushy pink and a soft pastel violet are two of my favorite color combos, so we really hit the mark!

La Maison Rose is situated at the top of Rue de l’Abreuvoir, catty corner to the Musée de Montmartre, where you’ll find a small (but charming) vineyard. The street is popular due to its angle: at the base you can see the dome of Sacré Coeur peeping over the hill.

I loved Vilija’s outfit because it definitely tells the story of the morning. While April had brought some lovely sunny days, it’s also turned bitter cold in the mornings. Thank you, Vilija, for braving the cold. Some of my favorite shots, though, were actually with coat + scarf, as it showed how temperamental the weather was — it even started raining at the very end!

Anyways, it’s admirable that you came to learn French from scratch, Vilija! I’m definitely inspired! Bonne chance, and thank you for spending a cloudy Sunday morning with me 🙂 I wish you an exciting stay in France filled with plenty of adventures into nature!

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