Paris is Always a Good Idea

April 11, 2019

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Bonjour, friend! I’m so glad you’re here, because I’ve been dreaming (and working on, of course) about this blog — this whole online home of mine, really — for a long time. It’s so exciting to share it with you! I hope it serves you well — whether you’re looking for stories and portraits of Paris; or wanting to document your own adventure in the city of love and light — welcome to my world. I hope you stay a while.

When I was 8 years old, I decided that I would move to France when I “grew up.” Now, I’m 21 (going on 22…eeeek!), and I’m spending the year (but hopefully longer) in the city that I love dearly. Don’t believe me? Come visit! Every time I climb the stairs out of the Métro, I can’t help but let a huge smile spread across my face. When I hold a camera, I feel so alive. To hold a camera in Paris…well that’s just something else.

I’m a storyteller — by way of photographs and words — and I believe in your story. When you step in front of my camera, I hope you feel super loved. It really is true: Love is to “reveal the beauty of another person to themselves.” I hope I can do that for you.

When I’m not telling others’ stories, I’m writing my own. On my blog, you’ll find pastry escapades filed under the #CroissantChronicles; my favorite Paris spots in The Paris Guide; portraits of la ville lumière and of the women who step in front of my camera; and special projects and styled sessions that I put together. It’s a pursuit of all that beautiful, because I believe that beauty heals, beauty comforts, beauty inspires…and more!

Merci for allowing me into your stories. I hope you’ll be a part of mine!

À bientôt — and if you ever find yourself in Paris…I would love to meet you!


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