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Salut! Welcome to my Field Notes, with stories from San Francisco, Paris, and elsewhere. This is a collection of adventures: the people I photograph; the kitchen escapes; tidbits from my life; special projects; and a California/Paris guide. Whew! I hope you'll come along; it's going to be a lovely time!

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Wowowowowow this was a dreamy morning in many ways. A perfect Paris portrait session, in my opinion. Rachael and Eric were a delight. The Louvre was stunning. We twirled and waltzed (practically) through my Paris — a mix of iconic sites and hidden corners — for a delicious morning together. Rachael and I are in […]

I met Hope on a bitter cold day in February (I’m pretty sure it was February) in a basement that, despite having just one window, was filled with light. The basement was church, and me being new, I was introduced to anyone who might have something in common with me. Hope, too, is from California. One […]

Hi Divs! This post is for you, to commemorate 16 years of friendship that has grown and gotten better with time…like wine, perhaps! Thank you for six days of fun and adventure and beautiful conversation. Thank you for coming to see my Paris; thank you for seeing me; for seeing my art; for caring it […]

The platform at Trocadéro was slick and glistening, sunlight barely poking through the clouds at 7 a.m. The inclement weather, however, did not prevent Jonathan and Marisa from totally rocking their Paris portraits! These two fellow Californians were as kind and sweet as could be, and on top of that, they had amazing style. To my delight, […]

This is the…sixth (!!!) year that I have known Clarisa. Four of those years were a “long distance” friendship, as we didn’t become friends until junior year of high school. I’d say I’ve learned a thing or two about the art of friendship over the years… We did just recently spend five hours in Paris […]

If mornings in Paris are my favourite, then Sunday mornings in Paris are sublime. Empty streets, no bubbling roar of the motorcycle engine, just you as the city dips her toes in the sunshine. This is where I found myself, in the 2nd arrondissement, one February day. Only this morning was perhaps the opposite of […]

The Jardin des Plantes was already in full sun at 7:30am when Madeleine and I showed up for an adventure in the roserie…the rose garden! It was a…wild experience…to say the least! Madeleine came in MY DREAM COLOUR PALETTE! It was so fun to explore and experiment, and the light was beautiful. She’s also a lovely […]

Spring in Paris is fleeting. One week the magnolias are out, and the next, you come back to find the petals, brown on the edges, sprinkled across the road. So when your friend says the first roses are out, and she says, “QUICKLY!,” you go! I had lots of fun running around Parc de Bagatelle […]

Sunrises at the Eiffel Tower have to be one of my absolute favorite things — especially when these moments are shared with people you feel are kindred spirits! Emmanuella, my fellow Bay Area native, and an author and poet…this was a dream for me because I LOVE reading! As a kid, I was always in […]

Safara and I bonded over our mutual love for clothes with pockets. She came wearing a super cool pair or wide-legged pants, and my first question was…”pockets?”. Sadly for the both of us, no. But that didn’t detract from the fact that she is a super cool human. Doula, English teacher…and I’d say adventurer! Before […]

Paris & California strolls; plenty of flowers; stories; and looking for the beauty in the everyday. I hope you'll come along as I take the year to document the entirety of my home state!