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Salut! Welcome to my Field Notes, with stories from San Francisco, Paris, and elsewhere. This is a collection of adventures: the people I photograph; the kitchen escapes; tidbits from my life; special projects; and a California/Paris guide. Whew! I hope you'll come along; it's going to be a lovely time!

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Wowowowowow this was a dreamy morning in many ways. A perfect Paris portrait session, in my opinion. Rachael and Eric were a delight. The Louvre was stunning. We twirled and waltzed (practically) through my Paris — a mix of iconic sites and hidden corners — for a delicious morning together. Rachael and I are in […]

One of the best spots to see the cherry blossom is arguably Notre Dame. Tucked on the side of the cathedral is Square Jean XXIII, where several trees abound with fluffy pink flowers. It’s downright magical! Molly braved a freezing April morning for sunshine beneath the flowers, and we were there in the nick of […]

[A Paris portait session at the Louvre and Palais Royal.] Agressive little birds nibbled the croissant sitting on the table; shards of pastry sprinkled about. There isn’t a much better end to a cold April morning than a good cup of hot chocolate to warm cold hands. We met, bright and early (the best time, […]

[If you’re pressed for time, here’s the run-down: A Paris portrait session for the lovely Ana Laura to celebrate her birthday. We strolled through the gardens at Notre Dame; walked on the Seine; and stopped at the Louvre before ending at the Palais Royal.] Clouds promised rain the morning that Ana and I found each […]

Paris & California strolls; plenty of flowers; stories; and looking for the beauty in the everyday. I hope you'll come along as I take the year to document the entirety of my home state!