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Salut! Welcome to my Field Notes, with stories from San Francisco, Paris, and elsewhere. This is a collection of adventures: the people I photograph; the kitchen escapes; tidbits from my life; special projects; and a California/Paris guide. Whew! I hope you'll come along; it's going to be a lovely time!

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Welcome TO THE

There was full-on sun on le Pont des Arts that Saturday morning. After an impromptu stroll, we found ourselves at the door of a tiny Eric Kayser boutique. Some people turn their noses up at chain bakeries — after all, Paris has plenty of “artisan” stand-alone establishments churning out (supposedly) amazing confections and pastries. But, […]

Paris & California strolls; plenty of flowers; stories; and looking for the beauty in the everyday. I hope you'll come along as I take the year to document the entirety of my home state!